The Worlds Premiere Canine Aquatics Competition DockDogs will be returning to the Perth Pet Expo in 2018! Get your water loving Pooches ready to take on the SplashZone in the “Big Air” long jump for dogs. To enter your dog in the competition, please email


ANCATS (Australian National Cat Inc.) is back! The wonderful presenters of the regional and national CAT of the Year awards are here and will be showcasing some amazing feline friends. Come along for a fun and social experience where you can enjoy some beautiful kittens and cats, along with people who love cats as much as you!

Critters Up Close

It’s time for the whole family to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s fascinating critters. Critters Up Close will be providing an interactive and educational wildlife display with the critter team, including birds, frogs, mammals, invertebrates and reptiles. Come down and learn some more about these little guys!